Go Green

Check out the bins! Aren't they awesome

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Waste Station Image final_edited.jpg


We are excited to announce our new green initiatives to help the festival be greener than a field of strawberry plants in June!

We have 4 new waste stations located around the food vendor areas.   There are bins for recycling, food waste/organics and regular waste.  We’d love to see the compost and recycling bins being used to their “full” potential!   Even one item diverted from waste is great.

No sure what bin to use?  Volunteers will be mingling with our visitors to help with any questions you may have.  We are happy to help you,  so don’t be shy!

WAIT!  We aren’t done yet.  Did you know about the new water stations?

Bring your reusable water bottle and fill it up for free, tasty water to go with your even tastier festival snacks.

Don't have your own?  Visit our Info Booth to purchase a Festival-branded BPA-free water bottle.

H2O Station Image_edited.jpg
H2O Station Image_edited_edited.jpg

We are working with our vendors to find ways to reduce common waste materials like single-use plastics (bags, straws) and Styrofoam (plates, cups), and to ensure food waste and recycling are kept out of landfill.  Look for participating Green Vendor signs at their booths.  You can help by bringing your own reusable bags and containers!


Are you a new or returning Festival vendor?  This program is for you!  Our goal is to encourage and support our vendors to make greener choices to reduce the waste produced at the festival.

Have you been interested in cutting back on your waste?  We want to work with you to find sensible solutions for a greener festival.

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Here's to an amazing Strawberry Festival