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  • ABOUT US | Strawberry Festival

    The Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival takes place over the Canada Day weekend and is run for the benefit of our community. Our volunteers and sponsors generously donate their time and resources to provide a FREE family festival for the entire community. Come and enjoy the festival market, live entertainment, the food zone, the pancake breakfast, the Sandy Stronach Red Berry Café and Canada Day fireworks. it’s a weekend where thousands come to participate and enjoy, and it takes place in the heart of Stouffville in Memorial Park. While enjoying the Festival - help us with our green initiative – bring your own water bottle and fill-up at the water stations throughout the park and remember to properly recycle at our recycling stations. The Festival is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and is 100% driven by community volunteers and it’s a celebration of our community. The Festival is an event where you can meet your neighbours and make new friends. ​ WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU! DOWNLOAD MAP By attending the Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival, you are entering an area where photography, audio and video recording may occur. Your presence at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival constitutes your consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded and to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of any and all recorded media of your appearance, voice, and name for any purpose whatsoever in perpetuity in connection with the Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival and its initiatives, including, by way of example only, use on websites, in social media, news and advertising. By attending Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival you waive and release any claims you may have related to the use of recorded media of you at the event, including, without limitation, any right to inspect or approve the photo, video or audio recording of you, any claims for invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, defamation, and copyright infringement or for any fees for use of such record media. You understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on this consent.

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    JOIN US FOR THE 2023 STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL! June 30, July 1st & 2nd In Whitchurch-Stouffville's Memorial Park DIRECTIONS HOME ABOUT US SCHEDULE FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY VENDORS VOLUNTEER PARTNERS GO GREEN Go Green Initiative Green Vendor Program GALLERY FAQ CONTACT US The Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival is a long standing tradition in our community. We are ecstatic to be able to host the 2023 Festival on Canada Day Weekend in Stouffville's Memorial Park. We look forward to gathering with friends and family to share in the spirit of the Festival with a full line up of family friendly events and activities, along with international cuisine and top-notch live entertainment. Whether you have been attending the Festival since it's inception or are new to town we encourage you to come and join in this free community event. All are welcome and we look forward to sharing in the joy of the Festival with you. See you there, Canada Day long Weekend! VOLUNTEER BECOME A VENDOR QUESTIONS? Thanks to Our Festival Champions ©2019-2023 Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival. All Rights Reserved.

  • VENDORS | Strawberry Festival

    Fees ​ ​ Charities - $40 per day per booth Crafters - $125 per day per booth Businesses - $250 per day per booth Food Vendors - $425 per day; $200 for Friday Night Power - $30 per day (Food Vendors Only) ​ Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2023 . Registration fees must be paid in order to reserve your place. No refunds will be provided. Operating Hours Friday June 30th, 5pm-9pm (Food Vendors Only) Saturday July 1st, 9am-5pm (5pm-9pm Food Vendors Only) Sunday July 2nd, 9am-5pm (5pm-9pm Food Vendors Only)​​ APPLY: NON FOOD VENDOR FOOD VENDOR (CLOSED) Links to other resources ​ Rules and Regulations York Region Public Health Website Town of WS Fire Regulations ​ Questions? Email us at

  • GO GREEN | Strawberry Festival

    The Strawberry Festival is striving to go green! Visitors Look for our Waste Stations located around the food vendor areas. There are bins for recycling, food waste/organics and regular waste. Quench your thirst with free, unlimited water from our two Water Stations located in the food vendor area. Bring reusable water bottles, food containers, cutlery, and bags and maximize your waste reduction! Vendors: Join our Green Vendor Program and receive additional promotion and recognition Food Vendors are eligible for a discount on registration fees! Help us reduce our waste footprint by using alternatives to single-use plastics, and by complying with our ‘no balloons’ policy. Take advantage of our 3-stream (recycling, organics, and garbage) disposal options, so food waste, cardboard boxes, and other recyclables can be properly collected. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM Climate Friendly Stouffville This year’s festival will showcase information to help residents make sustainable choices and take action on climate change. More details to come!

  • VOLUNTEER | Strawberry Festival

    Be a Volunteer! Smart Serve Volunteer Apply as volunteer Apply as a Smart Serve volunteer Join Our Committee! The Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival is more than a family-fun event, it's a festival that draws members of our community together over a 10-month period of planning and organization and we need YOU to join our Festival Family. The Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival is run by a team of volunteers. We welcome new members to our Festival Committee so come join us and be a part of a great experience and amazing event! JOIN US

  • Green Vendor Program | Strawberry Festival

    Green Vendor Program 2023 The Strawberry Festival is committed to improving its environmental footprint. Our first priority is reducing waste. Since Festival vendors provide food, drinks, crafts, and other materials for visitors, they can also play a key role in reducing the overall amount of waste and increasing the amount of recycling and organics captured during the festival. One of our best opportunities in reducing waste involves single-use plastics, such as straws, water bottles, and bags. For this reason the Strawberry Festival no longer permits the use or distribution of balloons during our event. Committing to a Greener Festival Vendors that are ready to support the Festival’s waste reduction goals are encouraged to take the Green Vendor Pledge. Green Vendors commit to: use greener alternatives for items such as bags, containers, and cutlery; reduce use of items that have a long-lasting negative impact on our environment, such as single-use plastics and Styrofoam; encourage customers to use reusable items such as tote bags and water bottles, and; support greening the festival by promoting waste reduction to festival attendees and the Stouffville community in general. ​ All participating vendors will be recognized by: social media, website, and other applicable promotions prior to and during the festival a Green Vendor Lawn Sign, to be displayed at each booth Working Together to Find Green Solutions Reducing waste involves looking carefully at processes and products to find less wasteful ways to achieve the same outcome. For example: Some customers may not need or want a plastic bag to carry a small item, plastic cutlery for their meal, or a plastic straw for their beverage. Asking customers first may avoid unnecessary waste later. When a bag or plate or cup is required, using those made with greener materials (that can be recycled or composted) will reduce the amount of landfill waste (garbage). Reusable items (water bottles, coffee cups) have a much longer lifespan and do not end up as waste after one use. The Festival’s Green Team will work with each Green Vendor to consider the specific processes and products at their booth, and to find practical solutions that reduce waste without compromising product or service quality. All vendors that are ready to commit to reducing their waste are encouraged to take the Green Vendor Pledge, available by clicking HERE , or by emailing . By taking the pledge, vendors agree to the actions outlined in the table below, as applicable. Guidelines for a Greener Festival To Use Paper/Reusable bags Compostable/ Recyclable containers Paper straws Cardboard, non-coated boxes only Eco-friendly gifts made of paper, recyclable and recycled materials To Do Ask first! Only give out bags, straws, etc. when needed Consider various or adjustable portion sizes to reduce unnecessary food waste Where possible, accept reusable containers & cups from customers Sell reusable bottles/cups – direct customer to festival water stations Use reusable shipping containers To Avoid Plastic Bags Bottled water Styrofoam and dark plastic takeout containers and cups Plastic straws Plastic & paper wax-coated boxes / crates - vendor booth waste Balloons (including biodegradable)

  • GO GREEN | Strawberry Festival

    The Strawberry Festival is striving to go green! Go Green We are excited to announce our new green initiatives to help the festival be greener than a field of strawberry plants in June! We have 4 new waste stations located around the food vendor areas. There are bins for recycling, food waste/organics and regular waste. We’d love to see the compost and recycling bins being used to their “full” potential! Even one item diverted from waste is great. No sure what bin to use? Volunteers will be mingling with our visitors to help with any questions you may have. We are happy to help you, so don’t be shy! WAIT! We aren’t done yet. Did you know about the new water stations? Bring your reusable water bottle and fill it up for free, tasty water to go with your even tastier festival snacks. Don't have your own? Visit our Info Booth to purchase a Festival-branded BPA-free water bottle. GREEN VENDOR PROGRAM Are you a new or returning Festival vendor? This program is for you! Our goal is to encourage and support our vendors to make greener choices to reduce the waste produced at the festival. Have you been interested in cutting back on your waste? We want to work with you to find sensible solutions for a greener festival. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM

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  • SCHEDULE | Strawberry-Festival

    Apply as volunteer From live entertainment to shopping to fun and games, the Strawberry Festival has something for everyone! Plan your day with the help of our schedule, we have one for each day of the festival. Ready, get set, GO! FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY

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