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The Strawberry Festival is striving to go green!   

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  • Look for our Waste Stations located around the food vendor areas. There are bins for recycling, food waste/organics and regular waste. 

  • Quench your thirst with free, unlimited water from our two Water Stations located in the food vendor area.

  • Bring reusable water bottles, food containers, cutlery, and bags and maximize your waste reduction! 


  • Join our Green Vendor Program and receive additional promotion and recognition

    • Food Vendors are eligible for a discount on registration fees!

  • Help us reduce our waste footprint by using alternatives to single-use plastics, and by complying with our ‘no balloons’ policy.

  • Take advantage of our 3-stream (recycling, organics, and garbage) disposal options, so food waste, cardboard boxes, and other recyclables can be properly collected. 

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Climate Friendly Stouffville

This year’s festival will showcase information to help residents make sustainable choices and take action on climate change.

Here is a reference guide for upcycling your unwanted materials in Stouffville:

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