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Rules & Regulations

  1. The Festival Committee and/or its representatives, reserves the right to rescind or cancel this agreement, and the right of eviction for breach of any part of the mentioned rules, terms and conditions.

  2. The Strawberry Festival will follow any and all Public Health & Safety measures in place at the time of the Festival and will expect all Vendors to do the same.  Depending on these measures, the Festival Board may take action up to and including cancellation of the Festival. 

  3. The Whitchurch Stouffville Strawberry Festival is a family oriented event. The Festival requires that all products, decor and signage reflect the character of the event.  The decisions of the Festival Board in all matters of appropriateness are final. 

  4. The Strawberry Festival does not allow balloons to be sold or given away and discourages the use of single-use plastic. 

  5. Only Food Vendors are permitted to sell or give away drinks including bottled water.

  6. Vendors will receive confirmation of their vendor booth number and must have access to that number throughout the Festival.  Vendor booths cannot be sublet.

  7. Vehicular access will be prohibited throughout the Festival.  Exact times for road-closures will be communicated closer to the Festival.  Vendor Parking will be available outside the perimeter of the Festival.  Vendors should be prepared to carry, wheel, or otherwise transport anything that needs to come into or out of the Festival.  Vendors will be moved in and out under the direction of Festival Volunteers.

  8. Each booth space measures 10 feet by 10 feet.   Vendors must provide everything necessary to set up their booth to their satisfaction. i.e. tent, tables, chairs, table coverings, display racks, etc.  This is an outdoor event so please come prepared for any eventuality i.e. inclement weather.

  9. Vendor spaces must be clean and neat at all times.  All activities must take place within the allocated booth space. Walkabout sales, aggressive sales tactics, use of a loudspeaker, overflow of activity or anything else that might interfere with other vendors’ participation or festival-goers’ enjoyment are strictly prohibited.

  10. On Sunday June 30th there will be an ecumenical church service in Memorial Park.  Noise restrictions will be in place until after 11am.  

  11. The Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival, its agents or assigns, accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to equipment or merchandise, however caused. Each participant acknowledges that attendance at the Festival is at his/her own risk, absolutely and that there is no promise, warranty or guarantee of business or sales, volume of customers or safety to equipment, merchandise or persons expressed or implied.

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