Greening Strawberry Festival

Reducing our footprint

The Strawberry Festival is ready to work with vendors, visitors, and sponsors to reduce environmental footprint of the festival. Our first step is reducing waste. Please see our suggestions below, and submit your own ideas using feedback button. 

Building a waste-free festival for our community. 


  • Bring reusable water bottles & straws

  • Bring reusable containers/bowls

  • Bring reusable cutlery

  • Use waste sorting stations & water stations at the Festival

  • Bring your own bag

To Do

  • Plastic straws

  • Bottle water

  • Dark plastic & styrofoams containers

  • Throwing food/ice into recycling bins

  • Plastic bags

  • Balloons

To Avoid


  • Provide paper straws

  • Plastic straws on request only

  • Provide compostable or recyclable containers

  • Offer discounts for reusable containers

  • Use Paper bags

To Do

  • Plastic straws

  • Dark plastic & styrofoams containers

  • Bottled water

  • Balloons

  • Excessive packaging

  • Plastic Bags

To Avoid

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