Message From the Board

Your Board:

Mike Burns, Chair

Harry French, Vice Chair

Laura Gallo, Treasurer

Laila Schell, Board Member

Elizabeth Fraser, Board Member

Rose Gallo, Board Member

Nancy Matheson, Past Chair

Sam Chefero, Secretary

Hello Friends,


Risking that we are repeating an all too familiar refrain, the Covid-19 (and variant) virus and the pandemic we find ourselves in, has had devastating effects on us all, whether it be physical, financial, and or emotional. The Board of Directors and the festival committee have been working hard to plan a one-day festival that might in some way be one of the emotional and moral vaccines that will help this community heal from these terrible times.


Unfortunately, the provincial and regional "Covid numbers" continue to rise and we are being faced with stiffer and stiffer restrictions and safety guidelines. The rollout of the vaccine, although moving forward, appears to still leave us uncertain as to where our community will stand in time for a July festival. Further, observing the provincial guidelines, even if the government progressed wherein we somehow, by July 3rd, found ourselves in the "Green" phase of restrictions, we would still only be allowed to gather in numbers no greater than one hundred.


Due to this uncertainty and for the safety of our community, sadly the Board of Directors of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival has decided to cancel plans for a 2021 event.


That being said, the board and committee will continue to meet and look forward to planning the best ever Strawberry Festival in the summer of 2022.